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My name is Jascha and I am pleased to help you with website building, brand marketing and other related online marketing tasks. 

I was born and I am currently living in Munich, I like nature, vegan food, minimalism, yoga and bavarian beer.

I am living as eco-friendly as possible with the attitude to protect animals and our nature. 

So this personal approach also affects my business targets. Why?

These days web pages not only need to look amazing and be functional but also should be build and designed smartly to save energy and global ressources.

How is a web page impacting our planet?

Grams consumpted co₂ per page view
A average website tested 1.76 grams co₂ per page view. For a web page with around 10.000 monthly page views, that produces 211 kg co₂ per year.

The usage of

HD videos & heavy images
many animations
bright colors
should hereby be reduced to a minimum to avoid a higher consumption of energy when loadad by the browser. 

This web page just consumpts

by using a minimum of these parameters. That's why it produces a lower volume of global co₂-emissions and reduces your carbon footprint. You already have a web page and want to know how green she is?

Eco-friendly website building

My approach is to enable users and companies to design and build their webpages more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

The skill set I bring along:

I offer a wide range of  digital marketing and communication skills with the personal approach to act in a eco-friendly way to protect our planetary ressources as best as possible but also enable you to promote your products or services in a professional and reliable style and framework.

Besides WordPress, I also have experience with other content management systems like Shopify or Squarespace – whatever fits your product or business the best.

Web page building cases

Project: Website Building
Psychotherapist and Coach
Scope: Webdesign with WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO (Google My Business), Content Marketing

Project: Digital Campaign Management
As: Digital Campaign Manager, Product Owner Campaignmanagement

Project: Webdesign
For: timebro GmbH
Scope: Webredesign, Content Marketing

Project: Website Building
Psychotherapist and Coaching
Scope: Webdesign with WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO (Google My Business), Content Marketing

Get your eco-friendly web page

If you are interested to work with me please fill up the form down here below by telling me who you are and what you excatly need

I will screen your input and contact you asap to talk with you about the details like the general project framework, technical set up, costs, design options and so on.


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